Snaggit Game review

Game overview

Snaggit is a speed reaction game with a whisker of bluff. Not only are you trying to grab (snag) cards but you are trying to bluff as to why you can take them and challenge the other players on the validity of their claims.

The game consists of two decks of cards, the challenge deck and the animal deck. Each animal card depicts an image of the animal in question as well as symbols for its type of movement and habitat. The smaller challenge deck will set the type of challenge for that round, for example biggest, strongest, different movement, fastest etc.

You start the game by shuffling and laying out six animal cards in a circle where everyone can reach them and place the rest of the cards close by, then shuffle the challenge deck and place it close to someone so they can turn the top card. You then turn over the top card of the animal deck as this will be the comparison card and flip over the first challenge card. For example, in the photo below players are claiming cards that are stronger compared to a millipede so a rabbit might have a stronger urge to reproduce or the python has the strongest venom.

You all have to try and take the cards as quick as possible and say why you are taking them. The other players can question you on your claim and you have to give a good reason or try and bluff your way out of trouble. If they don’t believe you, you have to return that card and one of your hard-earned cards to the discard pile.

At the end of the round, the next circle of cards is made up from any unclaimed cards, the comparison card and any extra from the deck until you are back up to six. The game continues until you have run out of animal cards. If you run out of challenge cards, reshuffle them and continue playing. At the end of the game the player with the most cards wins. If there ever is a tie, set up a sudden death round and have a “snag off” with the tied players. The winner of that round wins the game.

Designer: Andrew and Jenny Harman

Artist: Amy Harman

Publisher: YAY Games

1 – 6 players

10 mins

Weight: 1.29 / 5 (light)

My thoughts

This is a fun party game that more to do with quick thinking and bluff. It’s a quick game so would work well if you have 10 minutes to fill or could last longer if you really like a debate. This game, although light, would appeal to casual and experienced gamers alike. It would make a great gateway game and I could see it working well as a game to play with children. The fast pace of the game and the short length could really capture their attention. The cards are really easy to understand and the artwork is great on them. The card quality is good (very important if you’re all trying to grab them at once) and the limited edition set I bought comes in a tin and with a YAY Games pin badge.

Meeples People’s Circus rating 7 1/2 out of 10

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