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Wreck Raiders review

By Mic James

Wreck Raiders is a dice drafting, worker placement, set collection game for 1-5 players,ages 10+ with a 45 minutes playing time.

It’s designed by Tim W. K. Brown and Josh cappel

Published by Kids Table BG

The object of the game is to send your divers to either the underwater wrecks to collect one of 4 treasures
Gems,gold,art and relics.
Or to the beach to collect different shells….to buy aquariums or embellish museum exhibits,more on those later…

You use treasure to buy museum exhibits or place in your vault…

Let’s go into more detail…
The starting player rolls a certain amount of dice depending on how many players…
You use the printed box lid to roll them into…

Any dice that touch squares that contain shells, that dice earns that shell,so when you take the dice you take the shell too.
So a turn consists of choosing a dice…
Placing a diver on the corresponding number position on either the beach to gain it’s reward.

or send your diver to one of the 4 different wrecks…
But there are some rules you have to follow…
You can’t place where you already have a diver…but you can knock off another players diver to the beach,the same number as on the dice but he gets the reward from the beaches space.
You get the treasure that is on the wreck…but also the divers either of you if any, also get a treasure each…so if you’ve got 1 diver and another player has one to your left and you have another to your right, then you will get 2 treasure tiles and the other player will get 1.
So the decision is how to use the treasure.

You can try to collect museum exhibits by matching the treasure on them,put them in the correct order to collect the exhibits bonus.
Or place treasure in your vault to collect VP for each different treasure (4types)and bonus for lines of 3 of the same type

At the end of your turn you have the option of buying 1 piece of an aquarium with the shells you’ve collected…only 1 piece per turn and you must buy a base first.

End of your turn…
The game continues until a set amount of exhibits cards have been completed by one player…
Add VP for exhibits cards,the vault and the aquarium’s
Highest score wins…

My thoughts:
This is a very well produced game.
The components are superb,
Meeple divers look like they’re ready to dive…the tiles and baubles (shells) are thick card that look excellent..
The diver placement is a nice mechanism and makes you think how it is going to benefit your opponents…
the dice drafting really works for the game.and the benefit of gaining extra shells adds to the decisions to be made.
Also there are lots of ways to score VP…
You could just forget about the exhibit cards and just fill your vault or build aquariums.

I have played 2,3 and 4 player games…and it scales really well…
Also has a pretty tough solo mode which I’ve played a few times and really works…
If I had one negative…it is just a very small one…the lid that you use as your dice tray is sometimes hard for all the players to see where the dice end up.
I would say that this game would be a great addition to any family…but also has enough depth and variation for core gamers…
My Verdict…
A Hit


Board game

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